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May 2:  Debbie Jackson

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Debbie Jackson moved to Oregon in 1966. She found there a dance home with the Corvallis Park & Recreation Hoolyeh Folk Dancers. She has performed in International, Balkan and Hungarian dance groups at festivals including many times in the Seattle Folklife Festival. After a work hiatus of nearly 2 decades,  she returned to dancing for physical and mental health due to the pandemic. She’s made new dance friends and learned new dances via Zoom. Now she’s teaching again for Corvallis, Portland and Vancouver BC groups and leading dances at online festivals.

No partner is needed. We have fun dancing folk dance, ballroom, country & western, even partner dances (for 1 or 2 is fine). You will enjoy dances from the USA and all over the world. Always FREE. This virtual class is held via Zoom. Email us to RSVP and we'll send you the link.

Dance Hosts

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Photo by Elliot Kuhner

Gigi Jensen started dancing at age 3 for anyone who would hold still. She began formal studies while in her 30s and never looked back. Gigi specializes in Argentine dances. For her bio, visit our Who We Are page.

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Stacy Rose shares dance & music with the Oregon coastal folk community which she helped found. She's a contra dance caller with some 2 decades of experience, as well as a community college folk dance teacher. Her website is:

Adony Beniares is a tech geek who came to folk dance in his 40s. He is on the board of directors for Stockton Folk Dance Camp, as well as the Peninsula Folk Dance Council, and the Folk dance Federation of California. He typically wears out several pairs of dance shoes each year.

Dances Shared to Date

Alunelul  (Romania)

Annasvisa (Sweden)

Bapardes Leyad Hashoket (Israel)

Biskerka Bojerk (Serbia)

Branle de la fosse aux loups (France)

Charleston Madison (USA)

Cocek (Balkan)

Cupid Shuffle (USA)

Dana (Romanian Roma)

David Melech Yisrael (Israel)

Devojko Mari Hubava (Bulgaria)

Draganinata (Bulgaria)

D'r Maia (France)

El Bailecito (Argentina)

El Gato (Argentina)

Eyiya (Turkey)

Horon Alta es la Luna (Sephardic Jewish/Greece)

Il Cantico delle Creature (Italy)

Flor Amorosa (Brazil)

Fransk Reinlender (Norway)

High Green Mountain (Taiwan)

Ivanice (Macedonia)

Jiffy Mixer (USA)

Jo & Jo Tango (USA)

Kalenin Dibinde (Turkey)

Karamfil (Bulgaria)

L'Homme Qui Marche (France)

Malambo de Pie (basics) (Argentina)

Mambo #5 (USA / Latin America))

Menuett till Slängpolska musik


Milonga line dance (Argentina)

Mom Bar (Armenia)

Nyandolo (Kenya)

Oj Ti Momče Ohrigjanče (Macedonia)

Pata Pata (South Africa)

Posijala Baba Konopel’ (Ukraine)

Povrateno Oro (Macedonia)

Pravo Rodopsko Horo (Bulgaria)

Sa from Bujonavac (Serbia)

Sarajevka (Serbia)

Shirto (Bulgaria)

Sitna Baluca (Bulgaria)

Syrtos (Greece)

Salsa Improv (Latin America)

Tango Nuevo Improv (Argentina)

Vals Cruzado Improv (Argentina)

Zapateo & Zarandeo (Argentina)

Zoi (Greece)

Zumpa Ondo (Japan)

     Calendar of Hosts & Teachers

5/2:    Debbie Jackson guest, Stacy Rose host

5/9:    DWF Team:  Stacy, Adony, & Gigi

5/16:  TBA guest, Gigi Jensen host

5/23:  TBA guest, Adony Beniares host

5/30:  5th Monday Special Program

Dance Guests

Murray Randi Spiegel.jpg

Randi & Murray Spiegel

Kevin Greek red head shot.jpg

Kevin Greek

Craig Blackstone Headshot.jpg

Craig Blackstone

Mady Newfield by Nikki Herbst.jpg

Mady Newfield

photo by Nikki Herbst

Roo Lester headshot_edited.jpg

Roo Lester

photo by Tom Musch


Bobi Ashley

Karen Wilson-Bell headshot.jpeg

Karen Wilson-Bell


Holly Plotner

Megan Wolf Jordan Uggla headshot.jpg

Jordan Uggla

& Megan Wolf

Erica Meier headshot informal.jpg

Erica Meier

Lon Hollis Radin headshot.jpg

Lon & Hollis Radin

Sally Jenkins for lace bio.JPG

Sally Jenkin

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