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Tango Tips

Helpful Dance Info

We dance the Argentine tango style known as Tango Salón. It is the classic style of the Golden Age of Tango 1940s & 1950s. Its hallmarks include elegant, smooth movements, upright posture, and opportunities for torso rotation. It's a useful style since it allows each dancer to participate fully in the dance partnership, and adapts well to other styles. It lets the dancers adjust the space between them according to their needs.

Tango Salón is known by its embrace. El Abrazo (the embrace) is also the Spanish word for hug. It is with that intention that Warren invites Gigi into his arms, and she reciprocates. Below are four photos showing how comfortable it is. The couple shares the space between them. Their clasped hands aren't as high as Warren's shoulder nor as low as Gigi's. The hands are also halfway between them and form a "W". What isn't obvious from the photos is the gentle pressure between their hands and also their encircling arms. Each person bears the weight of their own arms, not dragging down on the hand of the other.

WG embrace 2.jpg
WG Embrace 3.jpg
WG Embrace 4.jpg
Gigi Warren Embrace Laugh.jpg
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