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How to get your dance during these tough times...

First & foremost - STAY AT HOME!

Tango & Folk Dance have been around for a long time. They will still be there for you when we get to dance together again. It's worth waiting for.

Music for Listening

1. We've a YouTube channel of several of our musical favorites of Argentine tango, vals cruzado, & milongas. They are often played at milongas so becoming familiar with them will help you improve your musicality. You don't need to have a YouTube account to use this list.

2. We also have a Spotify play list of favorite dancing Argentine tangos, vals, & milongas. You will need to have your own Spotify account to hear it, but that's free (if you don't mind the occasional ads).

Dance Videos

1. Need some inspiration? These performance videos we've chosen from YouTube. We're always adding more so check back often. These are public videos and don't require an account. Even better, subscribe! That way you get all our list updates. To subscribe, click on the "Subscribe" button below. You need your own YouTube account.

2. Tango & More Dance has had a Facebook page for years. If you LOVE dance of all genres, pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy!  If you want to see our dance reviews from over the years, you'll find them there. For those of you who remember the great Pampa Cortés, you can find his lesson reviews there, too. You don't need to have your own Facebook account to see this page. If you do, please "like" us. Thank you!

3.  This website has a few videos posted, and a special section of Tango Tips. We add to that on an occasional basis. Get on our email list so we can keep you up to date.

Dance Technique Videos for Self-Study

We're in the process of creating dance technique videos for you to continue with your dancing. Some don't require a partner. As we always say in class, "You need to be able to dance on your own if you want to dance well with a partner." Are you on our email list? That's the best way to get notice of these so you can dance along.

We hope these resources carry you through the quarantine. Please delay your dance gratification until it's safe to meet again. Sign up to get our periodic ebulletins. Feel free to call us during regular business hours to ask questions or check in.

Cordially - Gigi & Warren Jensen

(510) 326-6415

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