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February 2022:  "Tips, Tricks, & Hints for Happy Dancing"

"My intention with these occasional offerings to the readers of this fine magazine is to share some of what I've learned over the years that may be useful to you - whether you are an experienced dancer or a newbie. As my mother always says..."

March 2022: "How to Use the Internet to Support Your Dancing"

“I started researching this article with the idea of sharing some of the digital resources you can use to help you as a dancer. Oh boy! This topic turned out to be a bigger one…”

April 2022:  "Tell Me More"

“Why did you start folk dancing? How old were you? Who taught you or mentored you? Tell me about your dance.”

These are the questions I asked of a few of the folk dancers I know..."

May / June 2022:  "The Car with Two Steering Wheels"

“I have a car that my husband and I can steer at the same time. Doesn't really work well, though. We get to traveling down the line of dance and... crash."

September 2022:  "And Now For Something Completely Different..."

"It’s summer; the sunshine is bright.

My brain is seeking respite.

So I’ve asked all around, 

And luckily found,

Limericks that dancers would write."

October 2022:  "What exactly is a folk dance???"

"Dear Folk Dance - I met you years ago in elementary school when I learned the Hawaiian Hukilau and the Mexican Hat Dance..."

November 2022: "Pampa Cortés and the Romance of the Legs"

“A romance of the legs, a conversation of the feet,”  is my description of

Argentine tango."

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